Meet the Team

I am a middle school teacher at a Christian school in Guadalajara, Mexico. I love hot air balloons, fresh flowers, and finding the beauty in the simple, everyday things. I desire to obey Jesus in all things and follow wherever His grand adventure leads! Life with Him is the very best kind!

I graduated from Central Bible College in 2011. I am now a wife to a cute, Godly man, and stay at home mom to two precious, rambunctious little boys, Ryder and Gabe. We are serving as Children's Pastors full time at Henderson First. I'm an avid Cowboys fan (don't hate:)). Give me a good book, some coffee, and a pretty fall day and I'll be lost for days. I love to play sports and I strive to be a long distance runner, but I'm definitely not there yet (as I'm waiting to catch my breath). I'm passionate about seeing the lost and broken come to know Jesus Christ and his amazing love for them. Someday I aspire to become a Christian author and speaker.

Danette Dillon is the founder of All My Love for All My Day.  She is currently serving as Worship Arts Pastor at CrossPoint in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.  She says this about herself: Let’s see.  Jesus is my everything.  I love my family, my friends, and my dog, Jackson. I believe in living an integrated life.  No part of our humanity should be separated by a room, office, or closet.  I believe that we might as well be honest with each other and tell the truth in love.  I live to pursue the presence of God and to see Him rock other people’s worlds.  I vehemently believe that God is love and that He loves you.  I desire to bring God’s justice and truth to this world.  I love having fun…tons of fun.  I’m a coffee drinker and my heart belongs in Paris.


I am a southern girl living in the middle of the desert. Church planting full-time, leading as a small group pastor, with an incredible team in Phoenix, AZ, while working in the corporate world full-time as well. I am a lover of people, passionate about preaching/teaching the Gospel, a creative who loves anything right brained, coffee lover, baker, shutterbug, Christmas fanatic, and a music lover. To say my life is busy would be a terrible understatement, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm just your average girl who wants to do whatever it takes for people to come to know Jesus and be empowered to lead others to know Him as well.

I am a "tapatía" lover of Jesus, life, people, travel, and color, smiling at the glimpses of design and creativity in everyday life.

I am passionate about making disciples of Jesus and teaching people how to teach and communicate theology. I enjoy exploring and creating art and photography. I currently live in Las Vegas, but plan on living and doing ministry in Europe for most of my life.

I am a youth pastor at an international church in Jakarta. I enjoy writing, watching movies, reading, and traveling to new places. I consider having conversations about life over a good cup of coffee a part of my life calling.

I am a Jesus advocate and have purposed to live my life following where ever He leads me. I am currently a youth pastor, and loving it. I am so passionate about seeing people of all ages, of all languages, come to a knowledge and understanding of God, and to live fully according to His purpose for them. I love using media and creative arts to tell stories and point people to Jesus. I enjoy coffee, love my family and friends, spoil my pup Ruby, explore nature, laugh often, jam with Taylor Swift, and am always looking for a good documentary.